Listen Up! It's Benard Leitner

"Resonance, memory" by Bo Li and Ge Men, students at ETH Zürich

ALSO:Beili Liu (US): Recall, Hå Gamle Prestegaard (2011)

 description of the work available here http://omstreifer.wordpress.com/2011/08/31/228/

Thomas Demand

I am sure I am not blogging this for the first time - just a reminder of the work of Thomas Demand. Check out his films too on his site

Tarkovsky and The Sacrifice

James Casabere: Garage

James Casabere constructs models of spaces and events and photographs them in his studio.

Leandro Erlich: SwimmingPool

Many inspiring immersive /experiential works by Leandro Oerlich here

Walter Pichler: prototypes.

Portable living room 1967: Anyone know who took the photo for attribution?
An example of beautiful work, beautifully documented. This Artist is really interesting, as is the idea of the prototype as speculative/critical design form. Pichler is clearly a visionary here, helping to form ideas of the ultimate display suggested by Sutherland. Thanks to Ken Wilder for the Reference. There is a good write up on Pichler here with links on the Ars Electronica site.

Olafur Eliason: Umschreibung

The Infinite Staircase sculpture titled Umschreibung was designed by Olafur Eliasson. The staircase can be found at the entrance of the KPMG office building in Munich, Germany. This recent photo was taken by student Philipp Klinger and sourced from mymodernmet blog

Work No. 227 the lights going on and off, Martin Creed

Work No. 227 The lights going on and off
2000 5 seconds on / 5 seconds off
MOMA, New York, 2007


Openspace Alumni Event at Chelsea 12.11.12

This is the first in a series of Interior and Spatial Design Openspace Alumni events. Openspace is a CLTAD funded ‘Making A Difference’ curriculum development project to develop a Community of Practice across ISD courses at Chelsea and their alumni. The talks aim to reveal the breadth of exciting activity undertaken by graduates and post-graduates both during and after their Interior and Spatial Design studies at Chelsea. The event takes the form of a quick-fire Pecha Kucha style presentation and it is open to all ISD students and alumni. Alumni are invited to meet in the bar at 6.00pm for refreshments. This event is organised by Shibboleth Shechter and Peter Maloney and kindly supported by Chelsea College of Art and Design.

A Brilliant night! Thanks to George Blacklock our Dean for supporting it, to Shibby for helping to organise it and of course to all the presenters for sharing their inspiration (Peter Ball, Nii An, Pauline Lebec, Anya Sokolskaya, Glyn Owen, BAI Lab, Ben Butterworth, Daniel Gleadall, Charlotte Greenleaf, Phil O’Shaughnessy, Jessica Hayes, Nicholas Hill, Carita Middleton, Tyron Stephens-Smith). Most of all thank you for coming. (Photo Robin Jenkins)


DRS06 2012-13

DRS 06 12-13 DRIVE from robin jenkins on Vimeo.

Platform 6, Pete Maloney and Robin Jenkins is back as 'Design Research Studio 06' for 2012-13. This is our presentation for this years brief to be premiered on Monday, 1st October at Chelsea College of Art and Design. The blog linking to our students work is here


MA Interior and Spatial Design Show at Chelsea Starts 07.09.12

Architectures of the Imaginary

Some of the work from my BA students on Platform 09 of the Interior and Spatial Design course at Chelsea this year. The final projects and end products were excellent and the students were a pleasure to work with.

Infinity Bridge (in production) by Maho Kameda

Airspace Architecture by Kat Kowalczuk

Spectral Cartographies by Monika Sutkute

Infinite Performance by Elyne Legarnisson

Cognitive Territories by Chrysavgi Kakagianni

Temple of the Stars by Sophie Gainsley

Making the Everyday Extraordinary by Zachary Apo Tsang (Stage 2)
(Commended in London Design Museum Competition)


A Touch of Evil

brilliant crane operated single opening shot from the film "A touch of evil"


Short Film: Madurodam

A film I made back in 2001 as part of a one person show in Berlin.


West Park

A portrait of the West Park Asylum in Surrey. Until the 1980s the hospitals wards and endless corridors housed those deemed mental unstable. The film depicts the remains of the hospital, still cluttered with reminders of its past. In 2011 most of the hospital was demolished


Laurent Perbos: Ping Pong

In the nineties while learning to model in 3d I made some tennis courts and adapted them into new forms - a project about changing the rules. I will publish a picture when I dig out my folio - in the meantime what about these lovely pieces by Laurent Perbos?

A book of Sketches for the work can be found here

Giant Steps by Michal Levy

Giant Steps by Michal Levy from Csongor Fabian on Vimeo.

I came across this at VVORK


The work of Anne Linberg

I came across this beautiful work via the periferiadomestica blog -. her website is here

footnote: a slightly cryptic adjunct but while we are on the subject of boundaries http://boundarymkng.wordpress.com/

Barbican -Art School Lab

Barbican -Art School Lab



From Horizon Houses (2000) by Lebbeus Woods with additional design and modeling by Paul Anvar

Adding this image of work by Lebbeus Woods from BLDGBLOG - Lebbues Woods and BLDGBLOG are a coming together of two wonderful things, just like finding out recently from KAT in my platform that Woods had illustrated a copy of The Sentinel by Arther C. Clarke. Somethings are just meant to be.

Designs of the Year at the Design Museum

If you are in London you must pop into the Design Museum to see this show, grab the catalogue afterwards too (5 quid, bargain) so you have a record of all te good ideas on show. Top creatives have nominated their favourite work and this year it all comes together to make the best DOTY show yet. Check out for example this piece by Simon Heijdens

Amazing Autonomous Robots

This Post re-blogged from YetAnotherArchitect Vijay Kumar: Robots that fly … and cooperate: "Vijay and his team at MIT are developing little quadro-copters that act autonomously. They can remember and detect obstacles. The little robots can fly swarm formations and play music. Amazingly they can also autonomously construct structures which reminds me of the Gramazio & Kohler installation “Flight Assembled Architecture”.