Wenting Guo

fabric play from Wenting Guo on Vimeo.

Wenting Guo, an interaction and product designer at Harvard Graduate School of Design, is a creator of many things. She's crafted an interactive, three-dimensional canvas for kids called MYGLO; designed Eyear, an Arduino-driven sound visualizer; and created wave, a volumetric projection project that creates virtual surfaces responsive to human movement.


Massimo Uberti

Beauty and simplicity - the work of Massimo Uberti


Antonionni | Renault 9 Advert

Poème électronique / Varese/ Xenakis / Corbusier, Brussels 1958

Object as Measure: Music for Measure

Music for Measure is a collaborative project between Michael Roberts and I for the upcoming Object as Measure show at Chelsea College of Arts. The show is organised by Ken Wilder and Colin Priest of the Spaces and Narrations Research Group. Here is the poster for the show (designed by me) and what will follow is some research for the project.