Seven Deadly Glasses by Kacper Hamilton

This reference was given by Tomas Klassnik, who I will be working with this year on the DRS05 'Chain Reactions' project for the BA Interior and Spatial Design at Chelsea College of Art. Another finely crafted and beautifully presented example of speculative design practice.

Solar Laser Sinter by Markus Kayser

This ingenious device was designed by Markus Kayser and was featured in the Design Museums designs of the Year show 2012. It uses the power of the desert sun to power a 3D Printer which uses the sand from the desert as material. More about this and his other projects here

Chapel of Reconciliation (Kapelle der Versoehnung) Berlin

An excellent example of critical practice through material selection and application, this Chapel in Berlin is special, as part of the material used in is Construction comes from the earth on which it stands (which used to be the no-mans land between the East and the West of the city). Mixed into this is the crushed stone remains of the Chapel which stood on the site previously. More info here. This image of the Chapel was taken by (and is copyright of) Christian Jungeblodt.

IN HOUSE: Kitchen as Workshop by David Steiner

David Steiner who graduated from the Design Products course at the RCA has used his Kitchen as a workshop to produce all the elements needed to lay on a meal, check out the film on Vimeo here. Other projects on his site here.

The work of Allan Wexler

Allan Wexler makes amazing stuff. He is a trained Architect who makes provocative Design Work which works across contexts and fileds of practice. A excellent advert for 'thinking as making'. I found out about him through reading Aaron Betsky's Paper called 'Furnishing the Primitive Hut'. The paper is available on Wexlers site here.

Max Lamb: Pewter Stool

I have loved this project from a while back when I saw it at the Design Museum. The making Process is ingenious - a clever use of the beach sand as part of the casting process.


Alice Santoro - Audible Dress

Alice Santoro's cool dress made from audio tape - it can be heard using a customised Sony Walkman/ glove device

Thomas Raschke

I have been interested in 3d drawing techniques since my foundation course (a very long time ago). I am also interested in where the languages of the digital and the real meet and merge. I first saw work by this artist in the tactile book a few years back but it still looks fresh and is beautifully made.  Making wireframe objects real is clearly becoming popular. See more work by Thomas Raschke here