Neue Museen at The Esotrick Collection, London.

(16mm, 14:00, colour, sound)

Tuesday 22nd March 2011

Presented in conjunction with the exhibition From Morandi to Guttuso: Masterpieces from the Alberto Della Ragione Collection.

Focusing on the radical, Modernist exhibition designs of Italian architect Franco Albini and his collaboration with museum director Caterina Marcenaro in the early 1950s, Neue Museen features material shot in the galleries of the Palazzo Bianco and Palazzo Rosso in Genoa.

The screening will be accompanied by a discussion between the artists and Robert Lumley, Professor of Italian Cultural History, University College London. The evening will also feature a screening of Machine on Black Ground (16mm, 2009).

For details see the Estorick website


Dollies Rigs Jigs and other devices (a starting point – help needed to expand this resource, please send your own links)

IKEA HACK Dolly. Came across this today and it got me thinking that I should put these together as a resource.

DIY JIB. Good example here and there are loads actually – you can take your pick depending on how much you can spend and what soundtrack you prefer to listen to while you are learning.

MOTION CONTROL RIG I made earlier – NOT, it’s a milo - we can all dream...

Not exactly DIY but still good – THE DRONE

Devices to watch Polar Bears by: HERE and HERE

BBC's Human Planet: Behind the scenes, start watching at 48mins, 45secs

This one is from KAT, CamTramSystems - go to the SEE VIDEOS page


This week I have been mostly watching:

1. Last Year in Marienbad Alain Resnais (1961)
Beautiful Surreal film beautiful sets/locations loved by the camera with a hint of pretension

2. Radiohead videos (All Good)
Particularly House of Cards and Ceremony

3. Synedoche New York
This way madness lies through the construction of multiple spaces/characters
“Knowing that you don’t know is the first step to knowing, you know?”

4. The Killing (Stanley Kubrick, 1956)
Great Pans and still shots, gripping plot.

5. ILS Approach Runway 35R at Milano Malpensa Airport

6. Tony Hill Films:

7. The making of Tron (Original 1982)

8. Wavelength Michael Snow (1967)

9. Shutter Interface Paul Sharits (1975) :

10. Sensoria Cabaret Voltaire, (1981/2?):

Oh and the vids off showstudio...