The work of Anne Linberg

I came across this beautiful work via the periferiadomestica blog -. her website is here

footnote: a slightly cryptic adjunct but while we are on the subject of boundaries http://boundarymkng.wordpress.com/

Barbican -Art School Lab

Barbican -Art School Lab



From Horizon Houses (2000) by Lebbeus Woods with additional design and modeling by Paul Anvar

Adding this image of work by Lebbeus Woods from BLDGBLOG - Lebbues Woods and BLDGBLOG are a coming together of two wonderful things, just like finding out recently from KAT in my platform that Woods had illustrated a copy of The Sentinel by Arther C. Clarke. Somethings are just meant to be.

Designs of the Year at the Design Museum

If you are in London you must pop into the Design Museum to see this show, grab the catalogue afterwards too (5 quid, bargain) so you have a record of all te good ideas on show. Top creatives have nominated their favourite work and this year it all comes together to make the best DOTY show yet. Check out for example this piece by Simon Heijdens

Amazing Autonomous Robots

This Post re-blogged from YetAnotherArchitect Vijay Kumar: Robots that fly … and cooperate: "Vijay and his team at MIT are developing little quadro-copters that act autonomously. They can remember and detect obstacles. The little robots can fly swarm formations and play music. Amazingly they can also autonomously construct structures which reminds me of the Gramazio & Kohler installation “Flight Assembled Architecture”.