Listen Up! It's Benard Leitner

"Resonance, memory" by Bo Li and Ge Men, students at ETH Zürich

ALSO:Beili Liu (US): Recall, Hå Gamle Prestegaard (2011)

 description of the work available here http://omstreifer.wordpress.com/2011/08/31/228/

Thomas Demand

I am sure I am not blogging this for the first time - just a reminder of the work of Thomas Demand. Check out his films too on his site

Tarkovsky and The Sacrifice

James Casabere: Garage

James Casabere constructs models of spaces and events and photographs them in his studio.

Leandro Erlich: SwimmingPool

Many inspiring immersive /experiential works by Leandro Oerlich here

Walter Pichler: prototypes.

Portable living room 1967: Anyone know who took the photo for attribution?
An example of beautiful work, beautifully documented. This Artist is really interesting, as is the idea of the prototype as speculative/critical design form. Pichler is clearly a visionary here, helping to form ideas of the ultimate display suggested by Sutherland. Thanks to Ken Wilder for the Reference. There is a good write up on Pichler here with links on the Ars Electronica site.

Olafur Eliason: Umschreibung

The Infinite Staircase sculpture titled Umschreibung was designed by Olafur Eliasson. The staircase can be found at the entrance of the KPMG office building in Munich, Germany. This recent photo was taken by student Philipp Klinger and sourced from mymodernmet blog

Work No. 227 the lights going on and off, Martin Creed

Work No. 227 The lights going on and off
2000 5 seconds on / 5 seconds off
MOMA, New York, 2007