3DESTRUCT v2 from ANTIVJ is a visual label on Vimeo.

Second version of impressive immersive light and sound visuals from AntiVJ. Thanks to Elyne for originally getting me into this. They also made this beautiful bit of projection mapping.

St Gervais from ANTIVJ is a visual label on Vimeo.


Gabor Ekes | SKYFALL

Found out recently that an ex-Motion Graphics student of mine, Gabor Ekes worked on the CGI for the James Bond Skyfall movie, here's his recent reel. His website is here

reel '12 from gabor ekes on Vimeo.


Parallax is a first-person puzzle platformer from Toasty with overlapping spatial dimensions. Weave back and forth between black and white as you try to be in the right place, in the right dimension, at the right time. These levels will make you wonder about the nature of space, or simply leave you baffled.
If you like it enough to want to play it  - go here and vote for it on Steam

Jan Dibbets

Have yet to see this work in the flesh but from a quick google search, these look amazing. 
Original images are from exporevue.

Jonas Dahlberg

I first came across Jonas Dalbergs work at the ZKM alt the CTRL/SPACE exhibition a few years back. I saw him talk at the AA recently. Super nice guy and excellent work. The image above appears to be a shot of the model used to make an early piece called Vertical Sliding (2001). I found it here.

Mobile blogger app test

A post to test the blogger app on my iPhone.


Film as Measure: exhibition and symposium

I was really pleased to be part of this show with my colleagues at Chelsea. The symposium was excellent with some very inspiring work and ideas. Here are some images from my work, Apparition 01 (screens) and 02 (lines). The work seeks to define the form of the projector beam, activating the space between projector and wall