Virtual Histories + Virtual Futures

Flyer for VR Conference at the Tate Gallery 1995

My engagement with Virtual Reality technology began 22 years ago. 
Between 1994 and 1999 I was part of a research group at Chelsea College of Art & Design set up by Kevin Atherton which was researching the potential of Virtual Reality technology within a fine art context. On the 12 May 1995 we held a conference at the Tate Gallery with a range of international speakers and an exhibition of the work we were making.

Speakers Included Roy Ascott, Helen Cadwallader, Matt Mullican, Margaret Morse, Galeria Virtual (Roc and Narcis Perez) and Kevin Atherton. As part of the conference we installed an exhibition of virtual reality artworks and experimental work in progress. Above is an attendee immersed in 'Virtual Retrospective' by performance artist Kevin Atherton. Above that is the flyer for the event.

Below is an example of my work A Work in Progress (from 1994-1998), recorded from VHS video. Following the Tate international conference presentations, live commissions and exhibitions followed. Work in Progress was shown at the Architectural Association, the Institute of Contemporary Arts, The National Gallery, Ars Electronica, Linz (Austria), Siggraph (New Orleans) and ISEA (Chicago). 

It is therefore really interesting for me to be a part of the re-emergence of the technology with Chelsea College of Arts with a planned event at Tate Modern in 2017.