Virtual Spaces

From Platos allegorical Cave to caves that exist on a spectrum of realities. The caves at Lascaux in France are often cited as examples o the first immersive narrative virtual spaces - as first Virtual Worlds - but these are now only accessible through various simulations. The caves are the subject of a film by Werner Herzog, below.

The history of the Caves and how they came to exist in four versions of simulation (five if you count the film) is in this Guardian article. Below, Lascaux 4.

Augmented Realities - Allison Crank proposes a virtual future after the shops and Malls are gone here. While the reality of Augmented reality shopping is this:

Hyper Realities could look like this...

Happy Finish, the final presenter at the Tate VR Symposia demonstrating a welcome change in approach from the view of technology presented in 1994

"Georgia O’Keeffe’s New Mexico in 360 has been Tate’s most viewed video of all time.” 

Sofie Roberts, Producer, Tate Digital. 

Tate Modern contacted Happy Finish to create a unique 360┬║VR film that transports viewersinto the universe of the renowned trailblazer artist, Georgia O’Keeffe, to promote the exciting new show. VR not art - but in support of it...